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My team and I hold ourselves to 3 standards:

To make choosing us as your wedding photographers an easy choice. We come to the table ready to learn about you and serve you. As your wedding photographer there's not much we wouldn't do for you. (Including giving a bride the earrings out of our own ears, true story.)

To deliver photos that you LOVE, that capture who you are, and that accurately tell the story of your wedding day and the love and emotions that come with it. We do this through intentional posing , thoughtful prompts, and keeping a watchful eye on every event and moment throughout your wedding day.

To firmly believe that you are worth photographing. Your life and love is like no one else's, and that is worth celebrating! We always give all that we possibly can to every client and every project. You have our 110% because we want you to have the best photos and experience possible because you are worth it!!




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But SPECIFICALLY about me, Kaitlin... I've always had a hard time talking about myself or describing myself in a few words, because "how do you sum up a person?"  
However, I will say this: I fall somewhere between wanting to read a book on a rainy day with a cup of coffee in hand and wanting to be in a highly tropical location, zip-lining and drinking a pina colada in a treehouse. There's no middle ground here, haha. (But beverages are guaranteed apparently). Either way, wherever I'm at, I treasure the human experience. From the mundane to the extraordinary. It's all importantly vital and I believe that spills over into my photography as well and why I capture the things I capture on a wedding day or during an engagement session. It's about connection, emotion, excitement, celebration, and the unknown. Hand touches, hugs, tears, smiles. These are the things that will transcend the day and why it's so important for me to photograph these moments and deliver them to you to hold forever.


San Antonio based with teams in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston