17 Things You Should Know Before Your Wedding Day

December 17, 2021

When you have been to as many weddings as we have (and plan your own) you pick up a few things.

Flowers Matter

Keep room in your budget for florals and take time to find the right florist for you. They can truly make or break that picture in your head of the perfect wedding.  

Talk to your florist about ways to make your flowers “do double”. Plan to have arrangements made for the ceremony that can also be used in the reception. Another tip is to place the larger/more expensive arrangements in high-traffic areas to get the most out of them.

The Timeline

Your photography timeline needs to start 2-3 hours pre-ceremony if you want photos of your bridal details, getting ready, and a first look (highly recommend!).

A good timeline is crucial to your big day, we will work with you and your vendors to create the perfect timeline!

Go Braless!

Don’t wear a bra while getting ready if you have a low back dress. Bra lines can take a while to fade.

Lip Touchups

Have your makeup artist leave a sample and ask your Maid of Honor or photographer carry lip color for you to touch up throughout the day as needed.

NO Gum or Phones

Two things that never fail to ruin a good picture. The outline of a phone in a groomsmen’s pocket and someone chewing gum.

DJ Speakers and Seating Charts

There is nothing worse than sitting down at a wedding only to find you are inches away from the speakers. DJ speakers are LOUD, be sure to keep them in mind while planning your layout and seating chart.

The Kiss

You have waited how long for this? This is THE kiss! Take a moment and enjoy it!

 And smile after. There’s nothing worse than a peck kiss and “okay now what?” This is your day.

Eat Lunch! (Or Just Eat Something)

Eating is important! (And often forgot until the most inopportune time) Be sure to have a light lunch and snack a little while you’re getting ready.

You Don’t Need A Spray Tan

We are not here to tell you what to do, if you want to get a spray tan, go for it. Just make sure to do a trial run and to keep it as natural as possible. Spray tans can be very tricky and your natural glow is absolutely beautiful! 

The Officiant

Ask your officiant where they are standing for the ceremony. Make sure their back isn’t to the guests because they will block your first kiss. Bonus points if they move out of the way for your first kiss!

 Know Your Spot

Have a discreet marker for where you’re supposed to stand during your ceremony (ie. The second vase to the left). Your officiant will also help guide you when you are up there.

Family Photos

Family photos are so important!  That is why at Kaitlin Rodgers we will make sure you are prepared ahead of time with a family photo list, you won’t even have to think about it on the day of!

Family Dynamics

Just remember this day is about you and your fiancé. We all know that sometimes, it can be hard to have the WHOLE family together.

Everyone at your wedding is there because they love you and are excited to celebrate you and your fiancé, some family members tend to get a little over-excited. Today is the day to remember that.

Create a Wedding Email

Honestly, this is genius. Create an email address solely for your wedding. It will help you stay organized and keep your real inbox clear.


RSVP’s are just one of those things. Everyone procrastinates. Make it easier by having an online option and including the option to mail in the RSVP. 


Be sure to ask every vendor you book what their contract states about rescheduling/postponing your wedding during a time of crisis (like, I don’t know… a Pandemic?). 

Blink and you’ll miss it

Everything goes by so fast. No matter how sober you are, it’s all a blur. Be sure to intentionally take some time to take mental pictures and don’t forget to be in the moment.

You will look back on your wedding photos for the rest of your lives and see so many things. You will relive some of your favorite moments and even catch a few that you may have missed.

I hope that this guide was helpful to you as you plan your first, or next, styled shoot! The planning process can be complex but the end results will be totally worth it!

If you’re needing a wedding photographer that will “get you”, you are in the right place! Kaitlin Rodgers Photo is a team of Texas-based wedding photographers. The KRP team makes sure that couples and their families have a stellar wedding photography experience that is easy and enjoyable, in addition to delivering beautiful wedding photos.

You can inquire about your wedding and hire KRP here: https://kaitlinrodgersphoto.com/contact-or-kaitlin-rodgers-photo


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