My Guide To Coordinating A Styled Shoot

December 1, 2021

One of my favorite parts of being a part of the wedding industry is the people and vendors I have the opportunity to work with! With that being said, a large part of the wedding business that not many people talk about is styled shoots and how they help support your business.

So what is a styled shoot? A styled shoot is when you coordinate with other vendors to create an editorial-style photoshoot tailored to your target market and showcases the talent and services of those in the wedding business.

In this blog post, I will guide you through how to coordinate a successful styled shoot for you to add to your portfolio, share on social media or submit for publication.

1. Vision

Before you can get started, you have to have a vision in mind for your shoot. Are you shooting something more modern, classic, bohemian, or rustic? If you are putting together a wedding styled shoot, will you be coordinating an elopement style or traditional wedding shoot? Keep your target audience and the type of clients you wish to attract in mind throughout the planning process.

2. Audience

When you are preparing for your shoot, it’s important to keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind. Think through who your ideal client is for this shoot and the type of client you wish to attract in the future.

3. Find A Team

One of the most important steps is finding your dream team of vendors. Take time to do your research, read reviews, and look at portfolios before asking a business if they are interested in being involved. It’s crucial to reach out to vendors who have a similar target audience and has a similar aesthetic before working with them on your project.

4. Create A Moodboard

Moodboards are probably one of my favorite parts of putting together a styled shoot! Now that you have your vision for the styled shoot in mind, you can go crazy on Pinterest to find inspiration for the shoot. When you are looking for inspiration, it’s important to keep some key elements in mind; for example, if you are planning a wedding styled shoot, you will want to find inspiration for the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, color scheme, floral arrangements, detail shots, and theme. Save your photos, drag them into Photoshop or Illustrator, and share them with your team!

5. Find Your Venue/Location

Since you have your concept, theme, and moodboard set, you can start looking for your ideal venue or location for the shoot. If you will be using a venue, then I suggest touring the venue to ensure it compliments your theme and what you envision for the shoot. If you will be shooting on location, be sure to visit and make sure it is open to the public.

6. Choose Your Models

Choosing your models can be a daunting task and rightfully so! All the details of the shoot can be perfect but in order for them to come together, you need to hire models who will help bring your concept to life. It’s important to find models who are comfortable in front of the camera and have some prior experience with photoshoots and match the vibe of the shoot.

7. Create A Timeline

Just like a wedding, creating a detailed timeline for the day of your shoot is a must! Be sure to include when each vendor needs to arrive and what will be happening when. If you will be shooting at multiple locations, leave wiggle room for travel time and note what times you will be moving from place to place.

8. Prepare A Shotlist

In the midst of planning, remember to prepare a list of shots that you want to take on the day of your shoot. I know that it is easy to get carried away during the planning process, so being prepared and knowing what type of photos you want out of the day will help save you from regret later on.

9. Shoot and Edit

Now the fun part! You just planned a styled shoot and now it’s time to capture all your hard work coming to fruition!

10. Share Your Work

It’s time to share your work! Prepare a list of the vendors who were included in the shoot and share it with your team to make the tagging process easier. Be sure to tag all your vendors when sharing on social media and send some sneak peeks and the full gallery to each vendor so that they can share them as well. If you decide you want to share your work with a publication, spend time reviewing the publications submission guidelines. Magazines and blogs have guidelines on what kind of file type and size they accept, how to submit your images for publication, and when they will get back to you with a decision. Keep in mind that some publications require exclusivity to publish your work.

I hope that this guide was helpful to you as you plan your first, or next, styled shoot! The planning process can be complex but the end results will be totally worth it!

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