The Davies Wedding

November 30, 2021

10 . 10. 21 // The Rosemary Barn

The Davies Wedding was a traditional Chinese wedding with a modern flare. This intimate ceremony and reception focused on the bride and groom committing to a lifetime together and on two families becoming one.

The Bride wore a traditional white dress for the ceremony and a traditional red qun kwa for the tea ceremony.

The Chinese Tea Ceremony was one of the most meaningful moments from the Davies wedding.

The Chinese Tea Ceremony remains a significant tradition in many modern Chinese weddings when the newlyweds show respect to the elders in their families and the elders, in turn, demonstrate their acceptance of the couple’s marriage.

The bride and groom, dressed in traditional garments, serve tea to their parents and in laws. The act of serving tea is an expression of gratitude and respect to their parents.

The elders partaking in this ceremony symbolize the union of two families becoming one and their acceptance of the bride and groom.

Immediately following the ceremony, the parents of the bride and groom gift the couple lai see– red envelopes containing money, symbolizing luck and good fortune.

The Davies Wedding was small and personal. Their reception included lots of polaroid taking and a long farm table so that all the guests could enjoy a meal side by side as a family.

With a total of seventeen guests, including vendors, the the bride and groom created an intimate space to celebrate with those they cherish and love most.

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