My Top 5 Wedding Tips – From A Photographer

October 14, 2021

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are probably recently engaged, in full-on wedding planning mode, or neither and you just really enjoy reading wedding content. If you haven’t realized it by now, there is an endless amount of articles out there with tips and tricks and the dos and don’ts of planning your dream wedding. Although there are so many exciting things that come with getting engaged, let’s be real, the whole planning a wedding part isn’t always a piece of cake. Regardless of what stage of planning you’re in, I hope these five tips will help you along the way!

1. Invest in Your Photographer

Yes, I know, of course, I think your wedding photos are worth investing in but let me explain. As much as we love Uncle Joe’s point and shoot and a classic selfie, this is a day you will be talking about for decades to come, and it deserves to be documented! A wedding photographer is so much more than hiring someone to take photos for a few hours, delivering them weeks later, and proceeding to never speak to them again. A great photographer takes time to build a relationship with their clients and commits to working alongside you to achieve the wedding you’ve always envisioned. Take time to find a photographer who is reputable, trustworthy, and, and personable. After the send-off, after the DJ plays the last song, and the bartender announces the last call, photos are really the only thing you have to relive your special day. That’s why it’s so important to hire someone you trust to capture your day in all of its glory. Your memories are worth investing in!

2. The Vendor Dream Team

If you recently got engaged, the likelihood you just followed 2,000 vendors on Instagram is probably pretty high. When you’re beginning to search for your vendor dream team, start looking for vendors that share your vision, get referrals, and really pay attention to those reviews. You want to hire vendors that you can entrust with the finer details of your big day. When the morning of finally comes, you want to know that you have top-notch vendors who are capable of pulling off the day you have envisioned. Hiring trusted vendors allows you the freedom to be present with your partner on one of the most significant days of your life.

3. Celebrate Along the Way

After the proposal, the wedding countdown begins and suddenly you have tunnel vision. You’re excited and that’s a good thing! Wedding planning comes with so many fun milestones so be sure you and your partner are celebrating each one along the way. You are in a special season already, embrace it!

4. Leave Some Wiggle Room

While wedding day timelines can definitely make or break you, flexibility is that much more important. Despite how much planning and preparation goes into your day, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way. It’s inevitable. Bridesmaids run late, caterer takes a wrong turn, the flower girl spills juice on her dress – It might happen and that’s ok! So, stick to a timeline but allow room for any surprises along the way. Most importantly, BE PRESENT.  Set aside time for just the two of you to take it all in. After all, before you know it the day has come and gone so try your best to soak up every minute of it!

5. Remember What the Day is All About

When all is said and done, the most important part of your wedding day is committing to a lifetime with your person… and that’s worth celebrating!

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